About Sylibi 

Sylibi is an education & training company focused on course creation, facilitation, coaching & instruction.  Founded by training specialists, our founders feel that women learn best in a supported community and set out to create courses that build opportunities for women across the globe.


We believe that by empowering women we can change the world…

Traditional leadership training is beyond the reach of most women. We believe that by making leadership training accessible, we can empower women to change their lives and their communities. This is what underpins and drives the work we do.

We want to make leadership training and education accessible. We want to give women the knowledge, the support and the tools to envision a new life for themselves, their families & communities and then provide the space for them to shine. Empowered women cna truly change the world.


80% of Students…

Over 80% of the women who complete our courses go on to transform their lives by returning to school, seeking out leadership opportunities in their jobs or communities or starting a business. We guarantee if you are dedicated to change, we can help you to make it happen.

Why Choose Us


20 Years of Experience

We have been online educators and trainers for over 20 years, creating content for all types of learners.


Custom Course Content

Our courses and instructors are unique to Sylibi. We create custom courses and content to fit our students’ needs.


Courses with Results

Our courses create real results and empower women to create real change in their lives and communities.

Sylibi Education & Training