How to Time Manage and Find Time for Myself

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Sylibi - Natalie Martinez, instructor

Written by Natalie Martinez

February 14, 2022

Oftentimes we feel like we are running out of hours in the day. We are either sacrificing sleep, seeing our loved ones, or doing other things we enjoy just to make sure we can meet all the deadlines and be there for others that need us. However, working, being a student, and being a supportive spouse, parent, friend, and child, can be overwhelming at times and often take over our identities. It is important we learn to manage our time appropriately and make sure we have time during the day for our own needs and wants. Your desires cannot be placed on the back burner for others around you, even if they are your close family and friends. Prioritizing yourself can energize you and help you become more effective in your given roles throughout your life. Continue reading to find out more tips on how you can prioritize your own needs and become a better time manager.

Everyone Needs Downtime

First, you must realize the stigma that taking time for yourself is selfish or unproductive. Many times we do not consider making room in our schedule to do things we enjoy because we feel like doing that would be a waste of time. Everyone in this world needs down time! We need periods of the day where we simply enjoy life, with no responsibilities attached. These moments must happen on a day to day basis. You cannot enjoy one day a week and think that that is enough to prioritize for yourself. Make sure you schedule time every day to do something that you enjoy and will look forward to.

Find What You Love

One way to continue prioritizing yourself is to find out what you enjoy! Do you like reading? Maybe going to open mic nights? How about riding a bike? It doesn’t matter what it is, but find something that you enjoy. It can be as easy as watching your favourite television show every night at 6. If you are having trouble finding time for things you enjoy, consider activities that have a set schedule. For example, a Zumba class every Monday and Wednesday night. Maybe a book club that meets every week. You could be interested in furthering your education and take a weekly course that you enjoy. By having a set schedule you will be held accountable to set specific times dedicated to doing something you enjoy.

Organize Your Life and Yourself

To be able to find time for yourself, you must consider how to better organize your other daily tasks so you can free up your schedule. Do you use an agenda or a calendar? Using a tool that helps organize your life can be the best way to free up your time. Many times we feel overwhelmed because our tasks are all jumbled in our heads, but this can be elevated by using a planner. You can use your phone, an app, or an old school journal to keep track of upcoming tasks. Make sure you place time for your own activities into your schedule. After organizing, you notice your day is filled from top to bottom, it might be time to reevaluate how much you are taking on at one time. If you have no time to schedule in your “me” time, then look at your schedule and determine what activity or task is not as essential and put it on the sideline for now until you have time to revisit.

Combine Activities to Save Time

Try killing two birds with one stone. Combine activities to free up your time! For example, leave 20 minutes early for work and play your favorite playlist in the car or study for your upcoming test at your favourite bakery and enjoy a delicious dessert before you begin studying. You can also find accommodations, like finding a gym that offers a child care service, or enroll in a hobby that allows for flexibility. There are always ways to put yourself first while also considering others and your other responsibilities, but it is ultimately up to you to make it happen!

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