Why You Need a Coach for Transformational Change

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Sylibi - Natalie Martinez, instructor

Written by Natalie Martinez

February 25, 2022

In one way or another someone in your life has given you a helping hand along your life journey. Whether that be lending money, giving you an opportunity, connecting you to the right people, or giving you advice, these small, but important gestures have made a significant difference in your life. Optimal coaching is a necessary component of an individual’s or team’s success. Coaches are meant to provide you with encouragement, but also keep you accountable for your actions. Coaches have the ability to see you, your talents, and shortcomings in an objective way. Having a dedicated mentor encouraging your success will allow you to reach your full potential.

Coaching can be beneficial in helping you set realistic, attainable, and challenging goals.

Individuals may have trouble seeing their full potential. They may set goals that are not challenging enough or goals that seem impossible to attain. Coaches can steer individuals in the right direction based on their observations of you and other quantitative data they gather. In addition, coaches can then help individuals set an action plan to achieve these specific goals. It is great to have goals, but if you do not have a plan on a way to fulfill them then they become irrelevant. Coaches could set specific milestones and expectations along your journey. Coaches can keep you accountable during your journey while providing you encouragement not to quit.

Coaches can act as a safe place for individuals to express their true feelings and be their authentic selves.

Many times if someone is looking for a coach they may be at a place where they feel they need an extra push and they may not be comfortable expressing these concerns with others. If coaches develop a strong relationship with their mentees, then they will create a safe place for mentees to express themselves and hopefully be able to then create real goals that will be most relevant to the individual. If coaches develop a positive relationship with their mentee, then coaches can gain perspective without the fear of intimidation or failure. However, coaches must make an effort to ensure their mentees feel supported because coaches can also feel less safe based on their coach’s demeanor.

Coaches are great to help you develop specific skills that are tailored towards the specific challenge you are facing.

For example, if your goal is to improve your fitness you may find a coach that has the specific skills to teach the best way to reach your goals. It is important to find a coach that has the credentials you are looking for. You either want to find a coach that has had a lot of personal success in the area you are looking to improve, but you could also look for someone who proves success through the success of their previous mentees. Coaches can help skill development that may be impossible to develop without them. Certain actions may be impossible to learn without a coach or guidance from someone else, so having a coach is essential to ensure you are improving on your skills once you get into real-world situations.

Coaches can introduce you to positive and effective habits to help you reach your goal.

True change occurs once consistency meets opportunity and coaches can help you ensure the consistency component is developed and ready to go. Some of the small habits coaches could introduce you to will stay with you long-term and can improve your life in more than one way. In addition, these habits can also be specific to your particular challenge. These habits should be implemented in your everyday life and create dramatic changes, but coaches are needed to introduce these habits and ensure they are being completed with efficiency.

Coaches can be utilized in a variety of ways and create dramatic changes in everyday people’s lives. Always make sure you are doing your research and asking questions before committing to a coach in the long term. Coaches should challenge you, but also be uplifting. Make sure you find a balance and choose a coach right for you.

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their performance. It is helping them to learn, rather than teaching them.

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