Why Live Courses are More Effective Than Pre-recorded Courses

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Sylibi - Natalie Martinez, instructor

Written by Natalie Martinez

February 25, 2022

A live class is when an instructor and students are all in one place or one online forum at the same time. The instruction is given in real time and students have the ability to interact with one another and the instructor. In contrast, a pre-recorded course is when an instructor has already recorded themselves and simply sends the content to the students along with a video or voice recording of themselves. There are some obvious strengths and weaknesses to both, but live course instruction reaps way more educational and social benefits compared to pre-recorded courses.

A live course gives students the ability to ask important questions in real time.

Real time courses allow for genuine conversations to occur without interruption and these conversations can be heard from all students making them even more beneficial for everyone involved. Real time courses also allow for students to give the instructors feedback that will help improve future modules or future delivery of the entire course. Each classroom and each set of learners is unique, so having the ability to customize a course specific to those involved is key for learners’ success.

Live courses can cater to individual differences.

Students often progress at different levels and at different times. Students may all have different goals depending on the class. If class is pre-recorded none of these unique circumstances are taken into consideration when delivering the course. A live class allows for meaningful interactions and allows for the instructor to gain insight about their students.

Live Courses Increase Engagement

Online engagement is a key component for student success. Pre-recorded classes often lack student engagement because students do not have anyone to interact with. In addition, students do not have an instructor or other students to keep them accountable for their learning. Students must be interested in the content they are learning for the information to have a lasting impact on them and their lives. Activities and review games are a great method of improving student engagement

Live Courses Facilitate Conversation and Idea Sharing

Pre-recorded classes do allow for asynchronous delivery which is helpful for those who have busy schedules and are unable to consistently attend a class that has a set time. However, courses that are conducted in real-time can be recorded as well and then uploaded for those who could not attend to watch. This way the students who missed the course can still listen to the input and conversations from their fellow classmates and instructor. Upon completion of viewing the course for that day, they can then interact with their classmates or instructor through discussion boards or email. There is a place for pre-recorded courses in education, but that should not be the first option as it does not allow for the best educational outcomes.

If your goal is to learn new information, meet new people, and really make life changing decisions, then live courses are a much better option for you. Pre-recorded courses are often done with the goal of graduating students as quickly as possible rather than thoroughly teaching students new concepts. When trying to find a course right for you, make sure to look into information about the instructor and the method of delivery. If the course is ore-recorded and posted, try looking for something new.

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